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Sober Living in Nebraska

Maintaining abstinence after completion of an addiction treatment program can offer significant challenges. Many individuals do not have a stable, supportive home environment that will help them continue their efforts to remain clean and sober. Sober living is a concept that was designed to provide a living arrangement in which individuals can live together and support each other’s recovery. Facilities for sober living in Nebraska and across the United States are able to provide the positive environment that recovering individuals need to succeed in the long term.

What Is Sober Living?

Sober living in Nebraska offers residences for people who are recovering from addiction. They may be group homes or buildings with individual apartments that are wholly or in-part supported by the residents’ employment. While living in the facility, residents must remain abstinent from drugs or alcohol, attend group meetings that help to support each other’s sobriety and work with other residents to maintain the facility. Individuals are encouraged to continue counseling or support group meetings to maintain their sobriety. The residents may stay as long as they like, but must hold a job during their stay.

Who Can Benefit From A Sober Living Facility?

  • Individuals who do not have stable home environments can benefit from the structure and support of sober living in Nebraska.
  • The system can also help those who do not feel ready to maintain abstinence while living on their own.
  • Individuals who have found themselves homeless while in the throes of their addiction can learn practical working and living skills in sober living in Nebraska that will better prepare them for an independent life.

Statistics on Sober Living

For many years, social factors like the home environment were recognized as an important part of a patient’s ability to recover from addiction. A study cited by the National Institutes of Health found that residents of Sober Living facilities were better able to maintain their sobriety at all measured intervals, that is, at 6, 12 and 18 months. The safe and supportive environments that provide help from others who understand the problems of addiction appear to have a significant effect on the ability to maintain recovery.

What Is It Like Living in a Sober Living Facility?

During sober living in Nebraska, individuals wake up and go to work, just as they would if they were living independently. However, they are also required to work together for the good of the group. If an individual is having a difficult day, he or she can share with the rest of the group and get a new perspective on the situation. The individual will also have opportunities to provide support for others, when they are having bad days. This action can help to increase confidence and enhance self-esteem. During meetings, each individual is held accountable for actions, and everyone is expected to remain abstinent from alcohol or drugs. If a resident slips into relapse, the other residents ensure that measures are taken to correct the problem and will encourage the individual to get counseling or treatment. The rules and regulations of the residence provide structure for many individuals who are unaccustomed to having rules, allowing them to increase their ability to live on their own.

Benefits of Sober Living

Individuals overcoming addiction often find that sober living in Nebraska offers a number of benefits for their recovery:

  • It offers continued treatment for addiction, but allows residents a high level of independence
  • It provides a safe environment that fosters mutual respect and friendship.
  • It provides ongoing support for recovery among people who understand the problems involved in returning to normal life after addiction.
  • It allows residents to learn practical skills for living independently.
  • Other residents provide monitoring and accountability to help individuals remain sober.

If you are struggling with addiction and worry about transitioning back into society, contact an addiction specialist to learn about sober living facilities. This phone call could mean the difference between a life consumed by drugs and alcohol and a life of freedom and happiness.